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Petra Petrova 2

PETRA PETROVAis an International luxury Haute Couture brand for women, embodies sartorial sexiest, elegance and sophistication for the modern woman.We are high-end fashion brand where you can find expertise lays in producing only
the most exquisite Haute Couture garments and ready to wear garments for women looking for something very unique and personalized in the vast world of fashion.

Petra is the headline designer and creator of the brand.She is a young creative soul who describe herself as international fashion designer because of her mixed family roots and for her often changing lifestyle .She lived almost all over the Europe and worked for different fashion brands and Couture Houses . Petra could see a real opportunity to create high-end, on trend pieces at affordable prices, and she launched “PETRA PETROVA” Couture.

The main office of our brand is in Turkey,Istanbul . Also you can find us in France ,Bulgarian , Germanys and soon in Russian and other countries showrooms .We are proud to be popular in social media with international celebrity profile . You can find our very special pieces in fashion and life style magazines, fashion fairs , movies , TV Shows and popular TV Serials .